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Winter Smash Bash Weekend!

April 29th

KC Homeschool

Social meetup!

Winter Smash Bash Weekend 

A full weekend of Smash Bros Tournaments to end the winter with a celebration!
First-place winners walk away with $100 CASH! 


Friday Smash bash


Saturday Smash bash


Sunday Smash bash

Smah bash

3-day Pass

Tickets can only be purchased through a Desktop online tab, mobile does not work.

After purchasing your ticket you should receive an email from KingCade Arcade. If you do not see an email check your spam folder just in case! At the bottom of your receipt, you will see a receipt number. It should look something like this : EXAMPLE: #3P2M. 
Your receipt number and Name under the receipt will be how we look you up on the day of the event. 

Spectators will only need to purchase a regular day pass on the day of the event. 

By entering the arcade the weekend of the Smash Bash, you consent to be on live footage of the event and photographed during the event.

If you have any questions please call us at 913-400-2500 


Friday Smash Bash - The Tournament will be on the N64,  held inside of KingCade Arcade and will begin at 3pm.

Saturday Smash Bash - The tournament will on the GameCube, held inside of kingcade arcade and will begin at 1pm.

Sunday Smash Bash - The tournament will be on the Nintendo Switch, Held inside of Culture house Theatre Across from KingCade Arcade. Check in at KingCade to get your entry wristband then head over to Culture house. 

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The Culture House


Westport Bowery

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Community College

KC Homeschool Meet-up

April 29th 1pm-4pm

Welcome homeschoolers from L.E.A.R.N/Circle! We are happy to host a social event to let parents and kids meet-up, play some games, and make some friends! 

Tickets must be purchased online with a discount code provided by the course leader. 

**Limited amount of tickets**

Admission for additional attendees the day of will just need to purchase a normal day pass for those who wish to play games.

There are no refunds for tickets and tickets will not work for any other day outside of the event. 

Tickets can only be purchased through a Desktop online tab, mobile does not work.

Kids 10 & under

Preteens - adults

After purchase, you will receive an email with your ticket confirmation. The day of the event to get your admission wristbands you can provide the email receipt, receipt number, or name the ticket is under. 

KC Homeschool
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