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Arcade Games

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Tons of classic arcade games

Tons of classic arcade machines refurbished from the 80's - 90's!

relive your childhood or introduce your kids to your old favorites!


Console corner

Enjoy our retro console corner featuring classics such as the Gamecube and the NES! Challenge your friends to a Smash bros battle or even a mario kart race!

Watch classic cartoons!

Need a rest from all the fun? Have a seat  in the back and enjoy a variety of classic cartoons! Just like what you watched on Saturday mornings!

Huge grafitti murals

Fan of urban art and supporting local artists? Our walls are covered in amazing grafitti murals of retro icons! freehanded by local grafitti legend @AMP316!

Weekly Challanges

New challenges and prizes every week! Show off your skills and get featured on our social media! 

Fun prizes

Fun prizes for all at front desk, or check out our toyshop located next door for more fun toys, video games, and more!

Image by Carl Raw

All Day Passes :

passes give all day access to free to play games.
No coins or cards needed!

Needs adult supervision at all times

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Kid Pass

(12 & under)


Image by Andre Hunter

Adult Pass

(13 & older)


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