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3 Tips to make birthdays easier!

Check out these 3 tips we've learned in our years of helping throw parties for all ages!

1.) Cake or cupcakes?

The question we get asked the most, is should we bring cake or cupcakes for our party?

We suggest cupcakes over birthday cakes! They make distribution and clean up quick and easy! No messy knives, no worrying about everyone getting the same size slice. Just hand out a cupcake and throw away the wrappers! If you still want a special design for your themed party you can even connect cupcakes to create a bigger image!

Check out these fun designs for ideas!

2.) How much should we decorate?

The hardest part about setting up a birthday party is.... well setting it up! Pinterest makes decorating look easy but it can actually be very difficult, especially with little kiddos running around! Heres a tip.... keep it simple! We know you want to go all out for your special ones birthday but if you give them fun activities they wont even notice if you couldnt get that complex baloon garland exactly how you saw it online. Stick with the basics for easy set up and clean up.

  • Table cloth

  • plates, cups, and silverware

  • a few balloons and a banner

A good tip is to pick one easy theme. look for the 3 most prominent colors you see when you look at reference images. those will be the backbone of making your party look well put together!

Example : you're 12 year old wants a Fortnite party!

Look at this image as a perfect example!

The main colors are :

  • Blue/purple

  • Green

  • Black/White

Use those colors to pick the perfect combination of balloons, table cloth. and snacks!

Try not to pick more than 3 colors. the more colors you pick the harder it will be to seamlessly combine them for a clean setup.

3.) How to do party favors without breaking the bank?

Nothing completes a fun party like a little goodie bag to thank the guests for coming out!

But times are tough and getting toys for 10 or more kids can get pricey! Here are some tips to make sure you're party is the envy of all the neighborhood kids while making the other parents a little jealous of your party throwing skills!

Buy in bulk! amazon and costco are great places to get items for cheap! Try searching up "Bulk party favors" or "Bulk ______ Toys for kids". these key words should find you great options for lots of fun goodie bag additions. even if you dont need a 200 pack of fidget spinners, you should get them if they are cheaper then only buying 20. you can pass them on to other parents or save them for the next party! You could even use them as incentive prizes for doing chores and homework! Dont forget to use snacks and candy! Anything you dont use in the goodie bags, gets to go home with you! So its a Win-Win situation!

Or try a more DIY approach! you can download cheap or free coloring books on etsy and print them off yourself! BOOM! unlimited mini coloring books for cheap! Kids also love puzzles, mazes, and easy crafts. This may not work for the older kids but its a great way to keep the little ones entertained!

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