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" We are very proud of the fact that We don’t use any distributors in the toy store everything we have has walked through the door or was found in the wild. 

Things people think are trash we can give a whole new life to."

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Billy Taylor

"I bought out a toy store in a few large collections and was selling it in my garage and at cons. Linked up with Derek through Vhs collecting group here in Kc. He wanted to open an arcade so we just teamed up and started buying games out of peoples garages and basements. We opened the toy store Halloween 2020. Then we were able to open the arcade Halloween 2021. And it’s been growing ever since."


Derek Smith

"I wanted to open up a toystore and Arcade because I love the nostalgia. Born in March 1990 I grew up with a arcade in the mall. Those vibes are unforgettable. To recreate that with Billy is basically a dream come true. Shout out to my parents who let me experience that as a kid. Nothin more I like to see then someone reliving their childhood and being one of the many people to make it happen. It’s a wholesome feeling. Much love and respect to the toy and game community."